Green Tea with Honey

I drink so much in my daily life, especially the drink with sweet taste. Like fresh fruit juices, soft drinks or something. For sure, i also drink much water.

I always ordered a drink which is called green tea with honey when i was in Macau, and so charged me for around CAD$5 per one. I love this because it is a very healthy drink, both honey and green tea are benefit for people, especially for girl:)

Honey is good for people’s skins and intestines. If you have the problem of constipation, you may try to have a cup of honey with water in the morning(when you wake up and before breakfast). Believe me, you may solve the above problem. I tried and it really works! You can check more benefits of honey just hit HONEY.

This video is referring to five beauty tips using honey, i think this is cool and for both men and women. I gonna to try these!


Green Tea is also very good for people. I love the taste of green tea so much besides its benefits! I don’t know why green tea can almost be matched with everything. i mean drink ,food and dessert:) I can do green tea lemonade, green tea with honey, green tea ice cream or green tea cake,etc.

After seeing all the benefits of honey and green tea. I want to introduce you what i drink every day. That is green tea with honey, my favorite and healthy drink recently. People like using hot green tea to make a green tea with honey while i was searching on YouTube. But i am afraid that hot tea will destroy the nutrition of green tea, so i use a bottle of green tea. It is just the easiest way to do this drink. I just bought a bottle of green tea and honey from grocery and mix both of them at home, and so i can save CAD$5!!!!!

I recommend the honey and green tea as below, just do it by yourself!

WeChat 圖片_20170712235848

If you try green tea with honey, share yours with me!


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