Lavender Field

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I am not living in downtown Toronto, but i always experience long commute to home or to my destination in Toronto. Traffic jam not only happened in Toronto, but many cities in the world. Even it will happen in a very small city, Macau. When i was free in the weekend, i would go out for a nice walk or go to another city to refresh my mind an get some relaxations.

I went to the place closed to Niagara-on-the-Lake yesterday, Neob Lavender. There was a wide lavender field and lavender boutique beside. After visited the field, took tons of pictures, had fun with your gangs, families. You just have a short walk to the boutique beside the field. There are many products which are made of lavender, like soap, shampoos, body washes, etc. They are all smelling good and lots of them are not artificial, they are organic and not bad for your body. Actually, i were not quite sure that was this the perfect season for lavender. After i posted the pictures on my Instagram and searched others related photos by hashtag, i found that the lavender in their pictures would be more purple than i saw yesterday. This is fine! i still enjoyed this short trip at there!

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There was a  lavender festival, but it seems it had been over before i visited yesterday. Work shops, shows would be there during the festival. Unfortunately, i missed the event.

Go to the inner suburb or suburb occasionally and go get some relaxing activities with your beloved one or families, enjoy every single moment with them. This is absolute important to have this kind of moment in your everyday busy life. Work hard, play hard!