Canada’s Wonderland-My Favorite Park Here

Canada’s Wonderland is really an awesome park for adults and kids, especially suit families to have fun there (I went there many times already).  I went there in 2014 and that was my very first time, i had so much fun there.

I decide to get a season pass this year, because i will stay in Toronto for more than one year, i only paid $69.99(plus taxes) and can have unlimited times to visit Canada’s Wonderland, that’s such a good deal! Note: $69.99 was the price last few month, i am checking the price on their website is $86.99 now! After purchased my season pass, i have been there for four times already! I love exciting rides, coasters and super like the splash works there(only open in summer). They add a new slide for the splash work this year. Unfortunately i didn’t try it yet, but i think i will try very soon!

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Splash Works in Canada’s Wonderland


Just one thing i am not comfortable with is the rental fee of the lockers, that is experience for me. I have to pay 16 buck for each time, actually this fee is for whole-day rental and with unlimited open times. For me, it is a little expensive if i have been there for few hours.

Nevertheless, i still highly recommend this place for all of you. If you want to have a sweating summer, DON’t MISS OUT! Or if you got something interesting there before, please leave your comment here!