Lossing Weight in a Right Way

I used to be a chubby girl, i was 5’1″ tall and weighed 160 pounds when i was in University. I believe this would be my maximum weight in my life. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Taiwan, so thanks to all  delicious food in Taiwan and thus i became a chubby girl! I still did’t understand, i had the same food with my Taiwan friends. They wouldn’t get fat, but i did and that was so fast, i was from 110 to 15 something over six months.

I used to eat a lot, i had lots of snacks and drinks except three meals a day. I guessed this was the way why i would get fat so fast. I love shopping, specially clothing and handbags! Unfortunately, i couldn’t carry the Taiwanese clothing due to my fatty body. Most of their clothing are fit for the slender girls, but not for me. So, i decided to do lots of workouts in order to lose weight and tried to be on a diet. I did one to two workouts a day and did every day, i had salad instead of meats and ate carbohydrates less, like rice, wheat, etc. After a year, i lost my weight from 160 pounds to 95 pounds. To be honest, i was really slender but didn’t look healthy. My face was always pale and weak in health, always felt sick. I noticed that there was an alert in my body, and this condition would make my health being worse. After that, i began to eat healthy and balanced diet. Also, did appropriated exercise loads which were good for my health and kept my body shape look good at the same time.

And now, i still do workouts three to five times a week. But i won’t be on a diet again! It’s not a wise choice to lose your weight. For me, balanced diet and do appropriated exercises will be the best approach to lose weight. I strongly suggest that do not try to lose weight blindly, it is too dangerous for your health and this would be the worst far-reaching impact on your health.  There is more information about losing weight for your attention, just hit 15 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight.

I would like to share with you what i am doing recently. I do this exercise three to five times a week and it works, the exercise helps me getting slimmer (some fat had disappeared,YAY!!).

Sorry about that there are only Korean, Japanese and Chinese subtitles, but not with English. But you can refer to their movements. All the movements may help!

Did you have any experience about losing weight or healthy diet, you can share with me and leave a comment! I love to know more!



Green Tea with Honey

I drink so much in my daily life, especially the drink with sweet taste. Like fresh fruit juices, soft drinks or something. For sure, i also drink much water.

I always ordered a drink which is called green tea with honey when i was in Macau, and so charged me for around CAD$5 per one. I love this because it is a very healthy drink, both honey and green tea are benefit for people, especially for girl:)

Honey is good for people’s skins and intestines. If you have the problem of constipation, you may try to have a cup of honey with water in the morning(when you wake up and before breakfast). Believe me, you may solve the above problem. I tried and it really works! You can check more benefits of honey just hit HONEY.

This video is referring to five beauty tips using honey, i think this is cool and for both men and women. I gonna to try these!


Green Tea is also very good for people. I love the taste of green tea so much besides its benefits! I don’t know why green tea can almost be matched with everything. i mean drink ,food and dessert:) I can do green tea lemonade, green tea with honey, green tea ice cream or green tea cake,etc.

After seeing all the benefits of honey and green tea. I want to introduce you what i drink every day. That is green tea with honey, my favorite and healthy drink recently. People like using hot green tea to make a green tea with honey while i was searching on YouTube. But i am afraid that hot tea will destroy the nutrition of green tea, so i use a bottle of green tea. It is just the easiest way to do this drink. I just bought a bottle of green tea and honey from grocery and mix both of them at home, and so i can save CAD$5!!!!!

I recommend the honey and green tea as below, just do it by yourself!

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If you try green tea with honey, share yours with me!