Steamed Losters

In addition to taking photos, i also like cooking.

Last few days, i went to the supermarket in downtown and saw the lobsters were on sale. My friends told me that the lobsters here are very fresh and delicious. The most important thing is that it is seasonal food for lobsters in every summer in Canada. So, i think i have to buy some and get to try how to cook.

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Actually, i am not sure how to cook lobsters. I ate the lobster sashimi at a Japanese restaurant before, that was really fresh and delicious. Unfortunately, i have no idea how to handle this lobster as sashimi. So i decide to cook the lobsters with Chinese style- Steamed Lobsters. Steaming is a method of cooking, and also it is a very popular cooking method in my hometown.

This is a link about steaming on wikipedia :

Let me introduce how i handled these lobsters on the beneath steps:

  1. I prepared some garlic, green onions and gingers. Cut them into pieces.
  2. Cleaned the lobsters and cut one lobster into two pieces.
  3. Boiled the water.
  4. Put the prepared-ingredients on top of the lobsters.
  5. Put all the things on a plate and put them on top of the boiling water.
  6. Wait for around 15 minutes and then done!


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Steamed Lobsters Done!

Hope you like my post today!  I am very appreciated if you leave any comment here!