Breakfast on Friday Morning

Hello, everyone! Five-days work have finished today. It’s Friday again!

My friend hung out with me to have a “Canadian breakfast” this morning. Actually, we were not sure should we call that Canadian breakfast, maybe western breakfast. Anyway, this breakfast is very different from my hometown breakfast.


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Friday Breakfast 🙂



This is what i ordered today.

Called “Energy Boom”.








What are included in my breakfast?  There are two sausages ,scrambled eggs,two pieces white bread and fries. I also ordered one orange juice because i think orange juice can refresh my mind in the morning. I were very full after finished this set of breakfast, i guess i am getting fat:) Although i am not sure whether some of you have this kind of breakfast in Canada. I saw many Canadian there, i think this must be something good in Toronto!

Let me introduce what is “Macanese style” breakfast to everyone here! When i am in Macau, i usually go to the restaurant which offer breakfast and lunch. They are always closed at around 17:00 to 18:00. They won’t serve dinner for their customers. There is a very interesting culture in Macau, many customers go to the same restaurant at the same time (like around 10:00) everyday. So, if you are one of them, you can see the same faces in the same restaurant everyday. Okay, get back to our topic, Macanese breakfast.



As you can see in above images, we will have one main course and one drink. And we call that “breakfast set” in Macau. You can see set A-F…in one menu. I often choose bun with egg and beef or with cheese and egg. Sometimes i choose noodle when i am very hungry.  You can check their names out on above images.

This is what i want to share in this post!

Hope everyone has a good weekend ahead!