Fire Alarm in Our Building

There was a fire alarm in our building last few days. This is the second time i have encountered the fire alarm in my building. I was really scared when i encountered this kind of emergency situation, cause i am a chicken-hearted girl. I couldn’t handle the emergency issues well by myself.

After these two emergency experiences, i think it’s the time for me to face my weak points positively. I want to take this opportunity to praise the team of Toronto Fire Services here, they always reach to the incident sides in a very short limited of time. When the fire alarm was on in our building, it’s about three to five minutes for the team to come. And they noticed us what was happening, and what would they do, like told us just stayed in our own apartment and stayed calm. After settled the fire from one of the apartments, they noticed us that they were investigating what was the reason for the fire. I was comfortable due to their clear explanations and directions, step by step, and the fire team let us know we were safe as a result.

You may think: Hio, you are so weird. This is something normal, nothing special.

I want to share with you my fire alarm experience in Macau . Me and my family didn’t know anything-which apartment, why and how could we do? We just know that we had to leave our immediately. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, no one injured. Thanks God! Let me introduce a picture of hydrant on our Macau apartment floor on beneath.

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I have researched some information about how to keep yourself safety when you encounter fire alarm. This is from Toronto Fire Service, SAFETY and FIRE PREVENTION.

Incidents may happen anytime at anywhere. Please take good care of yourself and treasure your every minutes in your beautiful life!